Four15 Digital is a growth agency dedicated to marketing your business via Google, Facebook, Bing and other online channels designed to elevate your business’s online presence and influence.

The digital space is one of the most rapidly changing industries, and our commitment to remaining on the forefront of our field ensures you can focus on remaining at the forefront of yours - our success is your success.

Services Google and Bing Ads Full Service Management

We specialize in managing the full Google suite of advertising products to design and execute a unique strategy specific to your business’s needs. We leverage each platform of the Google Advertising stack to optimize your digital strategy and performance.

We offer:
  • Initial building of Google and Bing Ads accounts
  • Text ad writing and optimization
  • Bid and budget management of keywords
  • Monthly performance reporting
  • Keyword research and expansion
  • YouTube campaigns
  • Remarketing and Google Display Network
  • eCommerce feed campaigns
Services SEO, Website Development/Management, and Content Creation

The promotion of a digital brand requires a strong online presence. A beautiful, functional, and user-friendly website is most often your business’s very first impression on a potential customer. For the same reason, it’s important to ensure the content your website presents to viewers communicates a strong presentation of your products and/or services, as well as establishes your expertise. Finally, a responsive SEO plan provides the visibility and traffic needed to promote awareness of your brand.

  • Improve your website’s ranking on Google searches
  • Present a functional, aesthetic website to potential customers
  • Educate visitors with accurate and well-written content that markets your brand
Services Account Audits

Each prospective client receives a complimentary audit as a standard part of our onboarding process. Audits are 15 pages and cover nine core categories of AdWords accounts at a moderate level of depth. We provide​ analysis, strategic recommendations, and a framework for growth going forward.

Areas include:
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Keyword and Search
  • Geography
  • Queries
  • Traffic Segmentation
  • Ads
  • Bids and Bidding Method Tracking
  • Landing Pages
  • Campaign Settings
  • Video, GDN, and Shopping
  • Positive and Negative Keywords
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Services Additional Services

Our team of experts offers a variety of services designed to promote your business’s growth, increase your sales, client acquisition, and much more.

Contact us to learn more about:
  • Bing Ads
  • Yahoo! Gemini
  • SEO
  • Website Creation
  • Affiliate Program Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Image Ad Creation
  • In-House Training