What is google shopping?
by Jenny Phu

Google Shopping is a powerful platform that is based off Google Ads and Google Merchant Centre (GMC). It’s where your product gets its wings so that it can produce results in terms of inventory turnover. You get all the information necessary about your product lifecycle, and which products are doing better than others. You can get a lot of data and insight from the Google Shopping platform and understand who exactly is buying online. Online eCommerce is a multi-billion-dollar industry used by all corners of the world.

Google Shopping Dashboard

Google Ads is where your actual campaign is located, and you can manage all the details there. You can even ensure that your campaign is optimized according to performance and information available. It’s different from a traditional text ad because of the complexities involved. Therefore, advertisers need to create a strategic approach when it comes to google shopping. With the Google Shopping platform, Google will automatically determine where your product listing appears. They look at your feed, website, and bid to figure out where to place you. They rely on competition grouping as well, so that they can get a better idea of where they can best serve your ads.

When considering Google Shopping for your product portfolio, advertisers need to focus on multiple areas of growth.

Feed development and optimization

When optimizing your Product Feed, you create a lot of information for your product and price. Your images, product descriptions, and products have to be aligned to Google Shopping’s best practices.

Bidding and competition

When understanding the various methods of bidding for the Google Shopping top-spot, you need to be able to bid in a simplistic manner. You don’t want to over spend on customer acquisition but rather have a unique strategy per product base.

Monitoring of the campaign

Advertisers need to take advantage of the benefits of the Google Shopping platform. You can monitor data about your product’s performance and make decisions that can impact your product base, as well as your product innovation process. If customers love a certain feature, then it’s key to build upon that regularly.

Bidding, Optimization and Results

Bidding works like how it does for other ad formats. You have a pre-selected amount that you want to spend and bidding can occur in an automated fashion; as well as a manual fashion depending on how you want to proceed.

You can create new lines of innovation by optimizing spends, as well as create new areas of development through automated spending. You can choose which side of the platform you want to play on and develop a standardized model so that you can scale up quickly. Advertisers need the best approach possible on Google shopping so that they can leverage its wide scale.